Digestive Problems

How To Minimize or Eliminate Common Digestive Problems Naturally

You are not only what you eat, but what you absorb too, and common digestive problems are a sign of a poorly functioning digestive tract. You can alleviate these simply by increasing your intake of a special type of natural foods.

The problems often occur when you are stressed, worried or on antibiotics for example as these destroy your healthy gut flora.

Conditions like bloating, gas, irregular movements, smelly stools, diarrhea and constipation for example can be reduced or eliminated by increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in your GI tract, and reducing the harmful ones.

Now I am not suggesting you use the ineffective and unproven probiotic drinks and yogurts, but instead use natural prebiotic foods like kiwifruit, raw garlic, oats, bananas and raw garlic.

These help to feed the bacteria in your gut and keep them healthy. This is vital as these are responsible for regulating hormones, vitamin and mineral production and many other important tasks.

To highlight the best example, the kiwifruit, this contains all the elements you need for a healthy GI and to eliminate many common digestive problems.

How do they work?

Their skins contain valuable phenolics which help to eliminate the spread and numbers of bad bacteria like E.coli. Along with the prebiotic fiber, they also help to significantly increase the amount of healthy bacteria, boosting your digestive health, immune system and overall health and well-being too.

The enzymes and soluble fiber they have also help to make your digestion work far more efficiently, reducing the time taken to digest even the hardest foods like meat and dairy.

You would need to eat around 2 fresh kiwis each day along with the skin, and be sure they are organic so that you do not ingest any pesticides on the skins.

I personally have had great results with a pure supplement from a company in New Zealand as I tried to eat two a day but soon gave up, along with my kids!

Taking a supplement is far easier and actually works out cheaper too, and my young sons approve more and it has really helped my youngest to become less loose and more regular and I know he is absorbing more nutrients from his food now too.

As you can see, just by increasing your intake of the right foods like the kiwifruit, you can overcome even the more serious digestive problems and help to increase your overall health and well-being too.





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